Project launched to strengthen management of public funds in Madagascar

4 Feb 21

A five-year programme aimed at building the capacity of Madagascar’s Court of Accounts has been unveiled in Antananarivo.


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The Madagascan flag. Image © iStock

The programme, led by the INTOSAI Development Initiative, will seek to improve the court’s internal governance, strengthen communication and public engagement and enhance the quality and impact of its audits and judgements.

The Court of Accounts, Madagascar’s national audit office, has recently completed work on the management of the Covid-19 crisis and the assessment of the capital city’s sanitation policy.

“The Malagasy people deserve an independent, visible and credible Court of Accounts,” said president Jean de Dieu Rakotondramihamina.

“Today, we are strengthening our institution, so that the country can be confident in the management of public money.”

The $4m project is funded by the US government, with support also coming from the national audit offices of France, Morocco and Norway, who will share staff time and expertise.

“An independent, reliable Court of Accounts is an essential element of all well-run democratic nations, and we are proud to support the Court of Accounts to enhance the abilities of its staff, improve the quality of its audits and expand its mandate,” said US ambassador Michael Pelletier.

During the project, the court’s departments will be reorganised, its management procedures reviewed and its audit methodology updated.

The court’s upcoming work will include audits of state finances, the environment and the mining and energy sectors.

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