IDB agrees $200m loan for Brazilian healthcare

31 Jul 14
The Brazilian state of Bahia is set to receive a $200m healthcare loan from the Inter-American Development Bank.

The 25-year loan will finance a programme aimed at setting up an integrated services network, focusing on primary care. The local contribution is $85m, according to the development bank.  

The fund is expected to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases affecting the most vulnerable segments of its population.

The IDB said the programme would have a special focus on the metropolitan region of Salvador, home to almost four million people. It warned that the population was ageing quickly and noted that doctors had observed the rise in risk factors associated with chronic diseases.

‘In order for the structure of the health care system to be in a stronger position to address these challenges, the programme will finance the creation of an integrated services network with a focus on primary care as the gateway to broadening access to and the quality, continuity and efficiency of the network’s services,' the IDB said.

‘The programme will finance investment to boost management and enhance access to and quality of all the phases of the health care services chain.’

The programme is calling for the creation of 13 so-called health academies, nine social and mental health care centres, 11 basic health care clinics and a facility specialising in the health of workers.

For specialised care, the money will be channelled towards building seven new integrated health centres and the existing network of hemotherapy – the use of blood or blood derivatives – will be boosted to improve emergency care.

The programme will also finance the construction and equipping of Brazil’s Hospital Metropolitano, by providing cutting-edge services for intermediate care and long-term patients with chronic diseases.

Additionally, three hospitals that are part of the network dealing with chronic disorders, maternal and child health and emergencies will be upgraded.

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