Asia Pacific round-up: India rolls back on public debt management proposal, and more

8 May 15

A round-up of recent public finance stories from Asia Pacificyou might have missed.

India: deferring creation of public debt body is a good decision

Finance minister Arun Jaitley has rolled back a proposal for an independent public debt management agency (PDMA), defusing tension between the government and RBI, with the latter retaining its status as the sole regulator of State bonds. (Hindustan Times)

Chinese premier vows more international public health cooperation

Premier Li Keqiang vowed that China will cooperate more with the international community in infectious disease prevention and control, as he met with the leaders of two major public health organizations. (Xinhua News Agency via Global Post)

Thai public health care reform to benefit people with special needs

The Ministry of Public Health is expediting the improvement of Thailand’s health care system, amid an aging population. (Thai Visa News)

New Zealand government and central bank clash on housing

Increasing supply is the only way to cool off New Zealand's red-hot housing market, the country’s deputy prime minister told CNBC, ignoring the central bank’s call for a capital gains tax. (CNBC)

Australia’s unemployment rate rises slightly before federal budget

Australia's unemployment rate rose slightly in April to 6.2%, up from 6.1% in March, with jobless rates jumping in Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania. (Sydney Morning Herald)

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