Europe round-up: ECB reaches money-printing target in first month, and more

10 Apr 15

A round-up of recent public finance stories from Europe you might have missed.

ECB reaches money-printing target in first month

The European Central Bank bought almost €61bn (£44bn) of government bonds and other assets in March, it said on Tuesday, just beating its target in the first month of a programme designed to revive the eurozone economy. (Reuters)

Portugal’s bonds add to world-beating advance amid ECB buying

Portuguese securities advanced, extending their world-leading gains this year, as the European Central Bank’s €1.1 trillion ($1.2trn) bond-buying programme stoked demand for government debt. (Bloomberg)

Europe can breathe as Greece makes a crucial payment

Greece has made a crucial payment to the International Monetary Fund, the Greek finance ministry said. (CNN Money)

$1bn disappears and Moldova looks for answers

Anti-corruption prosecutors and American auditors have been searching the books for clues about the mysterious transactions, an embarrassment for the ex-Soviet state on track for EU membership. (AFP)

Amid strikes, French unions rally anti-austerity protests

French unions sought to ramp up protests against public spending cuts, calling for work stoppages and marches by public-sector staff that coincided with strikes by air traffic controllers and state radio workers. (The Globe and Mail)

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