Latin America & Caribbean round-up: Venezuela cuts working hours to tackle energy crisis, and more

1 May 15

A round-up of recent public finance stories from Latin America & Caribbeanyou might have missed.

Venezuela cuts working hours to tackle energy crisis

Venezuela says it will cut the working day for public sector workers to five-and-a-half hours to conserve energy, down from eight to nine hours. (BBC News)

Cayman Islands: Concern rises over pay inequity in public sector

The government is facing increasing dissatisfaction over pay, with salary inequality blamed for driving talented employees out of the public sector. (Cayman

Puerto Rico’s development bank warns of government shutdown in next 3 months

Puerto Rico’s Government Development Bank warned that it is very likely the US territory's government could be forced to shut down in the next three months because of a lack of funds. (Fox News Latino)

Chile’s president vows to tackle corruption, rewrite constitution

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has vowed to rewrite Chile’s constitution and tackle corruption following several scandals that have rocked the nation’s political establishment and economic elite. (Wall Street Journal)

Bahamas: Minister calls on students to hold government accountable for the environment

BLOG: In the midst of public uproar surrounding the government’s negligence to inform the public of the results of a 2012 underground leak at a local gas station, the Minister of Environment and Housing urged high school students to help the government to correct its flaws. (Bahama Island info)

Will Mexico’s new anti-corruption law help clean up a scandal-plagued nation?

BLOG: Mexican lawmakers have approved a new anti-corruption law that some experts think could become a new model for Latin America’s inefficient and ineffective system of appointing czars and creating ad-hoc agencies to deal with endemic graft.

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