Middle East & Africa round-up: EU welcomes Ghana’s commitment to improve public financial management, and more

8 May 15

A round-up of recent public finance stories from the Middle East & Africa you might have missed.

EU welcomes Ghana’s commitment to improve public financial management

The EU says it appreciates government’s commitment to improve public financial management as part of the IMF programme on enhancing controls in public payroll management. (Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation)

Nigerian public sector move to new accounting system could ‘help fight corruption’

Government and public sector organisations in Nigeria will adopt International Public Accounting Standards (IPSAS), which are regarded as the most transparent form of accounting, in a move that could help fight corruption in the country. (This Day via Global Government Forum)

Jordan’s debt up 1.2% in February to $29.3bn

Jordan’s gross domestic and foreign debt rose 1.2% to 20.8 billion dinars ($29.3bn) at the end of February compared with the end of last year, finance ministry data showed on Wednesday. (Alarabiya)

Egypt economy still suffers despite decline of foreign debt

The Egyptian economy is still struggling with trade and budget deficits as well as upcoming unpaid dues despite the improvement of the country’s credit rating and the decline of its external debts, said Egyptian economic experts. (The Daily Times)

Gaza economy: squeezed by siege, weakened by war

FEATURE: Israel’s and Egypt’s blockade has strangled the Strip, physically separating Gaza’s population, land and products from the West Bank and the rest of the world, making life a daily struggle just to grind out an existence in a strangled economy. (Aljazeera America)

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