Middle East and Africa round-up: No funds to address food shortages, Zimbabwean government says, and more

17 May 15

A round-up of recent public finance stories from the Middle East and Africa you might have missed.

No funds to address food shortages, Zimbabwean government says

The cash-strapped Zanu PF government has all but conceded that it has no financial capacity to address this year’s food shortages and has pleaded with the donor community to intervene and save the situation. (News Day)

Zambia shelves plan for a new mining tax system

In a bid to put to an end a protracted impassé with Zambia’s mining firms, the country’s cabinet ministers have agreed to shelve a proposal for an increase in royalties demanded from mining firms. (Ventures-Africa)

Rolling deficit down to 2.66%, but challenges loom for Israel’s finance minister

In order to continue reducing Israel's debt to a sustainable level the government will have to reduce spending and increase revenue to hit the legal deficit limit for the year. (Jerusalem Post)

Corruption and incompetence allegations dog Libya’s governments

Rival Libyan administrations overseeing the war-torn, oil-rich country’s affairs have been accused of financial improprieties and economic mismanagement as they seek to establish control over resources and revenues. (Financial Times)

Why is the Tanzanian government making information illegal?

BLOG: Tanzania’s recent proposal to criminalize the publication of ‘misleading’ statistics or data reads a bit like the high school valedictorian being caught smoking in the bathroom and, rather than ruefully extinguishing her cigarette, proceeding to blow smoke in the face of the school principal. (Washington Post)

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