US and Canada round-up: GAO: Government spends billions of dollars on duplicative, wasteful programmes, and more

17 Apr 15

A round-up of recent public finance stories from the US and Canada you might have missed.

GAO: Government spends billions of dollars on duplicative, wasteful programmes

The federal government is losing billions of dollars to duplicative and wasteful programs, says an annual Government Accountability Office report meant to identify overlapping and underperforming federal programmes. (Fierce Government)

Canada: Markham set to hire auditor general

Canadian city Markham plans to hire an auditor general to keep tabs on the council, staff and the use of public funds in an effort to improve transparency. (The Star)

Missouri may owe federal government $34.8m after Medicaid audit

Missouri’s Medicaid program — MO HealthNet — failed to follow federal requirements for drug payments that could have saved the US government millions, according to an audit released on Tuesday. (St. Louis PublicRadio)

Seeking skilled labour, Ontario boosts apprenticeship training by $55m

The Ontario government will add $55m to apprenticeship training, money that will include programmes to raise awareness about careers in the trades among groups that are not well represented in these careers. (The Globe and Mail)

How the US spends more helping its citizens than other rich countries, but gets way less

BLOG: The public places lots of scrutiny on the services that the government delivers to poor people: witness the recent outrage over welfare recipients eating steak, visiting swimming pools, and driving a Mercedes while receiving public funds. (The Washington Post)

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