Europe round-up: EU agrees to extend economic sanctions against Russia, and more

19 Jun 15

A round-up of recent public finance stories from Europe you might have missed.

EU agrees to extend economic sanctions against Russia

The European Union is set to extend by six months economic sanctions against Russia, calming fears that Greece’s acrimonious negotiations over its debt crisis might allow Russia to break the unity of the 28-nation bloc in its response to the conflict in Ukraine. (New York Times)

Merkel asks experts to draw up plans to protect German economy from Grexit as reports say she is “resigned” to Greece leaving eurozone

Angela Merkel is resigned to Greece leaving the eurozone, it was claimed today, and has asked economic experts, diplomats and bankers to draw up emergency plans to stop fallout from a 'Grexit' wrecking Germany’s economy. (This is Money)

France forces through controversial economic reforms

France’s Socialist government has forced a package of controversial economic reforms through parliament without a vote for the second time, sparking a walk-out from the opposition and a vote of no-confidence. (France 24)

Italy’s reforms at risk from outside forces

All European eyes will be anxiously turned to Greece in the coming days, but Italian eyes are turned more anxiously than most. (Wall Street Journal)

EU further supports Ukraine’s reform agenda and economic recovery

EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy Johannes Hahn has signed a financing agreement worth €55m for the programme EU Support to Ukraine to Re-launch the Economy, with Ukraine's Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius. (EU Neighbourhood Info Centre)

Greece isn’t any old troubled debtor

What is very striking - and important - about the agonised talks between Greece and its creditors is that no European leader has tried to bind the feuding sides together with a call to European solidarity, or with any emotive rhetoric about how this great monetary project is all about prosperity and peace for all eurozone citizens. (BBC News)

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