Middle East & Africa round-up: Stop talking down economy Ghana finance minister tells critics, and more

7 Aug 15

A round-up of recent public finance stories from the Middle East & Africa you might have missed.

Ghana: stop talking down economy Terkper tells critics

Minister of Finance, Mr Seth Terkper, has called on critics of the government to stop talking down the economy and making wild speculations about the cedi. (Ghana Web)

Ethiopia powers up ambitions for green economy

The strategy for an eco-friendly, sustainable Ethiopian economy aims to bring the country to middle-income status by 2025 while pegging back emissions. (The Ethiopian Herald via All Africa)

Israel’s Netanyahu tells cabinet to back budget or risk government collapse

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who holds just a one-seat majority in parliament, warned ministers on Tuesday that his government would collapse if they did not put a stop to their demands and rally behind his 2015-16 budget. (Reuters)

South Africa's circular economy could be a lifeline for its mass unemployed

South Africa’s economy is having a tough time. The country is struggling to escape the effects of the global financial crisis and mining companies – one of South Africa’s key economic sectors – are laying off workers in response to falling commodity prices. (The Guardian)

Kenya's project implementation record gets World Bank approval

BLOG: The Government has been commended for its timely implementation of the World Bank’s multi-billion funded projects. (Standard Media)


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