US & Canada round-up: Congressional Budget Office lowers 2015 Budget deficit, and more

28 Aug 15

A round-up of public finance news stories from the US & Canada you might have missed.

Congressional Budget Office lowers 2015 Budget deficit

Analysts project the lowest deficit of the Obama years, but see worsening red ink later. (US News & World Report)

Federal audit probes Vancouver’s real estate industry for money-laundering

Vancouver’s booming real estate industry is being targeted in a federal money-laundering audit that could potentially lead to massive fines and jail time for realtors. (National Post)

Canadians believe economy is in recession, okay with deficit: poll

Canadians think the country is in recession, according to a new poll, and a majority supports the idea of the federal government running a deficit to stimulate the economy. (Globe and Mail)

When Congress returns from vacation, Budget fight looms

The US Congress will soon embark on a high-stakes Budget negotiation with President Barack Obama that, if productive, could give Republicans the increased military spending they want and Democrats the increased domestic spending they seek. (Reuters)

Janet Yellen faces Alan Greenspan’s warning as she weighs an interest rate increase

As Federal Reserve chairman in 1998, Alan Greenspan said the US could not remain an oasis of prosperity in a world beset by financial turbulence. Now Janet Yellen must decide whether that counsel still holds true. (Kansas City Star)

Canada: Trudeau to unveil infrastructure plan

Justin Trudeau is poised to nail down the last major plank in the Liberal election platform: a multibillion-dollar plan to stimulate economic growth by investing in public infrastructure. (Durham Region)

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