US & Canada round-up: Shutdown déjà vu: US federal government could close next week, and more

25 Sep 15

A round-up of recent public finance stories from the US & Canada you might have missed.

Shutdown Déjà vu: yes, the federal government could shutter again next week

While Pope Francis’ historic visit to Washington is still underway, the administration is already bracing for another milestone -- the deadline to fund the government. The White House has started its formal preparations for a potential government shutdown, as only seven days remain before governing funding runs out. (ABC News)

Study: Obamacare has made Americans more conservative about health care

New research by Johns Hopkins University sociologists Stephen L. Morgan and Minhyoung Kang has found passage of the Affordable Care Act caused a sharp drop in support for health-care spending across party lines and might have ushered in a broader conservative "cold front" when it comes to other issues. (Washington Post)
Government underspending has left Canada with an infrastructure deficit

COMMENTARY: A national infrastructure renewal program should be organized and led by the federal government but should not be all about public money. (The Globe and Mail)
Millions of fingerprints stolen in US government hack

Hackers who breached US government networks stole far more fingerprint records than first thought, officials have said. In a statement, the White House said more than 5.6 million fingerprint records were stolen from the Office of Personnel Management. (BBC News)

US spends far more on social welfare than most European nations

COMMENTARY: The U.S., social welfare spending differs from that in other affluent countries because it draws heavily on both public and private resources. By contrast, in Europe, government controls most of the resources and benefits. (The Daily Signal)

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