Responsible tax group begins public consultation

24 Nov 15

British parliamentarians are seeking views on international tax reforms following their endorsement by the G20 last week.

After the launch of its website last week, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Responsible Tax will now start collecting evidence on the tax system overhaul drawn up by Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The reforms are intended to put an end to aggressive tax border tax planning by multinationals, harmful tax practices by governments and other practices that allow large international companies to get away without paying their fair share.

Labour MP, and former chair of Westminster’s Public Accounts Committee Margaret Hodge, chairs the APPG. She said: “While we welcome the progress brought about by the OECD and G20 in attempting to reform the international rules on taxation, it is vital that we properly scrutinise these proposals and examine government’s responses to this process.”

A four-week consultation process will now open, collecting evidence to assess whether the OECD’s recommendations are an effective response.

It is important to ensure the proposals are practical, sustainable and properly implemented, Hodge said. More broadly, the APPG will investigate how parliament can help to build and maintain a fair, sustainable and transparent tax system both in the UK and nationally.

Commentators have already suggested the OECD’s plan does not go far enough and more needs to be done.

The APPG is supported by CIPFA and think-tank CoVi (Common Vision).

Hodge said the group had been delighted by the public’s response so far. Members of the public can register and take part through the group’s website.

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