US defence contractor jailed for bribery offences

2 Dec 15

The former president of a defence contractor has been sentenced to 12 months in prison for his role in providing $1.2m in bribe payments to US army contracting personnel.


Justin Lee, previously the head of defence contractor Lee Dynamics International that provided services to the US military in Iraq, admitted to paying multiple bribes to army contracting personnel in exchange for being awarded lucrative defence contracts in 2011.

The US Department of Justice said the bribes had come in the form of “cash, airline tickets, trips and hotel stays, among other things” and were given to military officers in return for their agreement to take official action towards securing the contracts for DLI and another company that Lee worked at, American Logistics Services.

DLI provided a host of everyday necessities to the US military such as bottled water and living quarters. George Lee, Lee’s father, CEO of DLI and also embroiled in the scheme, was accused of setting up fake bank accounts, buying aeroplane tickets for contracting officials and sending them on spa days.

Several military officials have already been held accountable for their role in the scheme, with one receiving a 17-year prison sentence.

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