World Bank support for Gabon’s municipal development

18 Jan 16

The World Bank has approved a $100m loan to support infrastructure and local development in Gabon.

Libreville Gabon.jpg

A port in Libreville, Gabon's capital

A port in Libreville, Gabon's capital


The loan will come from the bank’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and fund the second phase of a project that works to improve access to urban infrastructure and services and municipal management in selected underserviced neighbourhoods and cities in the West African country.

Sylvie Dossou, World Bank country manager for Gabon, said the project is expected to herald significant social benefits, improving the living conditions of low-income communities and reducing urban poverty.

“One example is the reallocation of public funds to more direct and targeted interventions for the poor,” she said.

“Other actions such as helping generate temporary employment opportunities in labour-intensive public works will benefit local residents in the selected poor neighbourhoods.”

The project is a continuation of the country’s Local Infrastructure Development Project, and builds on and improves its concept.

It will cover three new provincial capitals – Makokou, Koulamoutou and Tchibanga – in addition to the six cities targeted by its predecessor, corresponding to the nine regional capitals of Gabon and ensuring equitable repartition of investments throughout the country.

The local construction sector, small-medium enterprises especially, will benefit from training and contract opportunities, contributing to the local job market. 

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