Aid appeal to help 1 million in Mali

3 Feb 16

Humanitarian workers in Mali have appealed for $354m to help 1 million people, mainly in the northern and central areas of the country, who have been affected by conflict.


Mali’s history has been characterised by fighting and uprisings since it gained independence in the 1960s, largely between the government and alliances of rebels headed by the Tuaregs – a berber people with a nomadic lifestyle who traditionally inhabit northern Africa. This instability has also paved the way for militant Islamist and terrorist activity in the country.

Mbaranga Gasarabwe, the humanitarian coordinator in Mali for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said a peace agreement signed between the government and the Tuareg rebels earlier this month is “salutary and raises hopes”.

“Its implementation should consolidate the progress made to date regarding the resumption of basic social services, reconstruction and economic recovery,” she said.

However, Gasarabwe added: “While waiting for longer-term efforts by development actors to bear fruit, it is imperative to continue to assist hundreds of thousands of people who are struggling to meet their basic needs and help them recover their livelihoods.”

It is estimated that food insecurity, malnutrition and the consequences of the violence in the north and centre of the country will impact more than 2.5 million Malians in 2016.

The funds will help the humanitarian community, in conjunction with the Malian government, to strengthen the access of the most vulnerable to basic services, improve their livelihoods and enhance their resilience.

Nutrition, food security, health, water, hygiene and sanitation, education, protection, shelter and economic and social recovery activities will all be allocated a portion of the finance, supporting the work of 127 projects by 40 humanitarian organisations working in the country.

Prevention, risk reduction and emergency preparedness activities are also planned.

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