USAID grants $20m in emergency food assistance to Iraq

1 Mar 16

The United States international development agency USAID has announced a further $20m in emergency food assistance for Iraq.

Stuart Jones, the US ambassador to Iraq, announced the funding yesterday. It will support the purchase of the contents of food baskets for vulnerable Iraqis through the World Food Programme.

The contribution comes at a critical time for the humanitarian community in Iraq and the WFP. The prolonged violence as a result of the rise of ISIS has exacerbated the humanitarian situation in the war-torn country, pushing it to levels of crisis not seen in years.

Meanwhile, the WFP has been forced to reduce levels of assistance by both size and frequency due to severe funding constraints.

USAID said through this contribution it will help the WFP support 1.5 million displaced and conflict-affected Iraqis throughout the country, either with staples like flour, rice, oil and dry peas and beans, or ready-to-eat meals for those without kitchens, including canned meat, peas, beans and biscuits.

The humanitarian community in the country has appealed for $861m to support the 10 million people at need of some form of assistance in the country.

USAID said that since 2014, the US has provided nearly $624m in assistance. 

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