Venezuela’s supreme court revokes own ruling to preserve constitutional stability

3 Apr 17

Venezuela’s supreme court has revoked a recent ruling that would have stripped the country’s legislature of its powers, it was announced at the weekend.


Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. iSTOCK

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.


The original ruling, perceived as stemming from the government, had sparked widespread condemnation and demonstrations across the country. It was denounced as a “self-inflicted coup” and the final blow to Venezuelan democracy.

Venezuela’s National Assembly, the only branch of government to be elected, is dominated by opposition centre-right lawmakers who pose an increasing threat to socialist president Nicolas Maduro’s hold on power.

Last Friday, Maduro’s government called on the court to rescind its judgement to preserve institutional stability and the constitutional balance of power.

Other high-ranking officials and allies of Maduro, as well as regional and international governments, had also spoken out against the move, while anti-government protests took place in the days following the initial announcement on Wednesday.

On Saturday, the court reversed its decision.

Venezuela’s coalition of opposition parties, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), argues the u-turn did not restore constitutional order.

It is now organising a demonstration, due to take place tomorrow, to call for the dismissal of judges from the court. 

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