Japanese government pension fund enjoys big returns

10 Jul 17

The Japanese government’s pension fund – the world’s largest – gained 7.9 trillion yen ($69.5bn) in the fiscal year that ended on 31 March.

Reuters reports the fund had a return of 5.86% on assets worth 144.9tn yen.

These gains were made as the Nikkei 225 index gained 12.8% in the last fiscal year, while global stocks benefited from continuing loose monetary policy and central banks kept interest rates close to all-time lows.

The fund made a 14.89% return on its Japanese stock holdings, and 14.2% on its foreign stock holdings.

In 2014, the fund changed policy, increasing investments in riskier assets while it reduced reliance on low-yielding domestic bonds.

Japanese stock holdings accounted for 23.28% of its assets, while domestic bonds made up 31.68%.

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