Merkel promises full employment and tax cuts ahead of German election

4 Jul 17

Angela Merkel’s conservative alliance has promised income tax cuts and full employment in Germany by 2025, in its manifesto.

Income tax would be reduced by €15bn ($17bn) per year, the Christian Democrats (CDU) and their Bavarian sister party the Christian Social Union (CSU) promised yesterday.

The threshold for the top tax rate would be raised to €60,000 from €54,000 and Germany and France would seek to harmonise corporate tax rates, the manifesto for the 24 September election pledged.

Full employment by 2025 would be defined as a jobless rate of less than 3%.

Other manifesto promises include:

• Construct 1.5 million homes during the next parliamentary term

• Reject full EU membership for Turkey

• Increase the number of police nationally by 15,000

• Increase child benefits by €25 per child per month

• Increase spending on development aid and defence budget in 1:1 ratio

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