May: the UK to establish new economic partnership with Japan

1 Sep 17

The UK will work quickly after Brexit to establish a new economic partnership with Japan based on the final terms of the deal being negotiated between Japan and the European Union.

In a joint declaration during a visit to Tokyo, prime minister Theresa May and her Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe said the two countries would “work together to promote rules-based free and fair trade, for the benefit of our own people and economies, and in support of global prosperity”.

May said the UK welcomed Japanese investment and would work closely with Japan’s businesses and government to build on these while both countries would improve market access.

Japan committed to “maintain progress towards the resumption of exports of British beef and lamb to Japan”, while the UK would support the lifting of EU import restrictions on food and feed from Japan, including those from areas affected by the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster where verified as safe.

The two countries committed to an industrial policy dialogue to deepen co-operation with a first round of talks later this year to cover the space, aviation, energy and climate change, advanced manufacturing and bio-economy industries.

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