Japan pledges $1.03bn of aid to Myanmar

21 Nov 17

Japan has pledged to give up to $1.03bn of development aid to Myanmar to help improve rural incomes. 



Myanmar: Has had $1.03bn aid offer from Japan

Prime minister Shinzo Abe announced the low-interest loan package in a meeting with Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi during the ASEAN Summit in the Philippines last week.

The package would help fund projects including infrastructure and small company financing, which could help improve rural incomes, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a release.

The pledge followed increased criticism  on the authorities of Myanmar as more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have had to flee from Myanmar to Bangladesh since August.

At a United Nations conference last month, countries pledged more than $344m in aid to the Rohingya refugees and host communities in Bangladesh.

Suu Kyi also discussed the Rohingya crisis with UN secretary general Antonio Guterres during her visit.

China drew up a three-stage plan for Myanmar this week, to help solve the Rohingya crisis. China’s foreign minister Wang Yi, speaking on Sunday, said: “The first phase is to effect a ceasefire on the ground, to return stability and order, so the people can enjoy peace and no longer be forced to flee.”

The next phase would be talks between Myanmar and Bangladesh, followed by a final phase of working on a long-term solution for poverty alleviation.

Violence broke out in Myanmar at the end of August when militants reportedly attacked government forces after decades of ethnic tensions.

The government forces have since retaliated against the Rohingya people and an estimated 600,000 people have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh during the past two months. 

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