UK agrees to help strengthen Jordan’s economy

5 Dec 17

The UK has agreed to a long-term partnership to strengthen Jordan’s economy and has encouraged more donors to do the same. 

Initially the UK will provide £94.5m to improve education, create jobs and boost Jordan’s long-term economic resilience, a government release said. 

The international development secretary Penny Mordaunt explained: “Jordan is on the front line of multiple crisis in the Middle East and our new 10-year partnership will deliver economic stability for Jordan, creating jobs and helping to build a more prosperous, safer world.”

She added: “This will further strengthen our relationship with Jordan and every penny invested by the UK will encourage more from other donors to boost Jordan’s economic resilience, helping them deliver on their pledge to get every child into education and to create 200,000 jobs for Syrian refugees.”

Jordan’s economy has been battered by the refugee crisis, the war in Syria and insecurity, but still managed to cut its public sector deficit by 3.3% between 2015 and 2016, the IMF found.

Prime minister Theresa May called on other countries to join her government's efforts “so Jordan can continue to deliver vital support for the Syria crisis and remain a beacon of hope in the Middle East”.

The UK said it would also look to provide significant “uplift” in its funding over the coming years as Jordan implements new reforms.

As part of the partnership, May would offer public and private sector expert advice and establish a UK-Jordan policy dialogue on economic reform, the release said.

Mordaunt said earlier this month the government’s aid department should justify its spending to the public in the same way charities do.

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