DfID launches initiative to help developing countries become more transparent

7 Feb 18

The Department of International Development will help promote transparency in developing countries and international programmes to improve accountability through a new initiative.

The department said it would hold its development partners to high standards to publish aid data and continue its “leadership on aid transparency”, launching the Transparency Agenda. 

International development secretary Penny Mordaunt said: “DfID works hard to promote economic growth and support countries to raise their own revenue - ensuring they can stand on their own two feet.

“And we know that over the long term, open and inclusive societies have stronger growth. Through this agenda DfID is increasing its support to tax raising and the management of public finances.

She added: “Transparency is crucial in making sure these efforts work - building citizens’ confidence and trust in how their money is spent, and encouraging them to pay taxes.”

The agenda sets out how DfID will strengthen the UK’s ambition on creating a “transparency revolution for a fairer, more equitable world”.

The department said both taxpayers and those in countries receiving aid want to see how money is spent.

It said it would continue to increase transparency and establish new global initiatives, which it expects will make it harder for corruption to occur and assets to be hidden.

But DfID said a “transparency revolution” would need global effort, including committed governments, businesses and institutions. 


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