India’s public works ministry shifts to smart cards

18 Apr 18

India has launched smart card system and an e-measurement book for staff of its Central Public Works Department.

The department said this would be the first integrated web based module in India’s civil ministries to monitor both the financial and physical progress of projects.

The cards would enable maximum use of digital payments and will be introduced in more than 400 offices of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, of which the department is part.

CPWD has already become the first organisation of any civil ministry in India to become 100% digital at field level. 

It carries out some 15,000 projects across India each year.

A ministry statement said: “Considering Government of India’s emphasis of transitioning from mere ‘outlays’ to result oriented ‘outputs and outcomes’, this will facilitate better comprehensive results based monitoring of CPWD works/projects on a real time basis.”

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