Call to use UK ODA for conservation projects

19 Jun 18

The UK should give at least £1bn a year to global nature conservation through its international aid budget, a joint report has urged.

Protecting nature should be an essential part of securing development, particularly in the poorest countries, as threats to the natural environment are growing, the report from the Bright Blue think-tank and Conservative Environment Network said.

Ben Caldecott, senior associate fellow of Bright Blue and lead author of the report, said: “Given the UK’s substantial international aid budget and expertise, there is a compelling case for the UK to lead international efforts to conserve global nature.

“The greater focus and funding for global nature conservation through the UK’s international aid budget, particularly through charismatic UK-branded projects and programmes, will capture the imagination and ensure public support for the international aid budget.”

He added that the UK spends approximately 0.5% of the now £14bn annual UK ODA budget on nature.

In contrast, Germany and the US are two of the largest funders of global nature conservation, providing on average around $600 to $700m per year.

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