World Bank to hand $300m healthcare loan to Bolivia

26 Jun 18

The World Bank has approved a $300m loan to improve healthcare services in Bolivia.

It aims to assist the country in implementing a new hospital management system across networks, improve training of healthcare professionals and build 10 new hospitals.

Mariana Prado Noya, Bolvia’s minister of planning and development, said: “The resources from this operation will benefit more than three million Bolivians, who will have dignified access to different healthcare services.

“This will be manifested through the building of secondary and tertiary care hospitals, as well as through the training of specialists.”

Although the country has reduced its child mortality rate and improved access to primary healthcare services, it still faces key challenges associated with non-communicable diseases.

These diseases, such as cardiovascular conditions, cancer and diabetes, continue to be leading causes of death, the bank said.

Alberto Rodríguez, World Bank director for Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, said: “In addition to the new fully-equipped hospitals, human resource capacities will be strengthened, and clinical care standards will be applied.

“All of these actions will work to reduce gaps in coverage and optimise coordination of services nationwide.”

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