Canada imposes tariffs on US goods

3 Jul 18

Canada has imposed tariffs on imports of US metal products and other as a countermeasure as the Trump administration’s trade war escalates.

The country also announced last week that it would make C$2bn available to defend its steel and aluminium industry, including support to businesses affected by the US-imposed tariffs. 

On Sunday, the 25% tariffs on metals came into force, along with tariffs of 10% on over 250 other items such as beer kegs, whiskey and orange juice.

The duties have been estimated to cost a total of C$16.6bn.

Announcing the additional funding for the Canadian metal industry, foreign minister Chrystia Freeland said: “Our approach is and will be this: we will not escalate, and we will not back down.”

Senior Canadian officials said the list of items is designed to put political pressure on the US and make the Trump administration notice the impact on trade.

They also said the steel tariffs against Canada, the EU and Mexico were “illegal”.

The Trump administration’s tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminium came into force last month.

The EU also chose to retaliate against the US and imposed duties of £2.4bn of products, such as bourbon whiskey, motorcycles and orange juice, which took effect on 22 June.

Mexico put tariffs on $3bn worth of US products ranging from steel to blueberries.

Other items included on the list of US goods that Canada will impose a 10% tariff on include:



Premade meals with beef or chicken

Maple syrup

Liquorice candy toffee, some chocolates, and other sweets


Cucumbers and pickles

Strawberry jam

Orange juice

Soy sauce

Ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, and other condiments



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