European Commission gives Spain and Greece €45.6m to help with migration

4 Jul 18

The European Commission will give Spain and Greece €45.6m in emergency assistance to help with migration.

More migrants have recently been arriving in Spain and the country will get €25.6m to help deal with people when they arrive on the south coast, including returning them to their country of origin.

The Ministry of Employment and Social Security and the Spanish Red Cross will get €24.8m for a project providing healthcare, food and shelter while the other €720,000 will go to the Ministry of Interior to help improve the return facilities and infrastructure for return transfers.

This is on top of the emergency funding of €692m given to Spain for migration, border and security management for the period for 2014-2020.

The other €20m will go to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to improve conditions for those migrants arriving in Greece.

This is on top of more than €1.6bn of funding given by the Commission since 2015 to address migration in Greece.

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