World Bank creates fund to support open government

20 Jul 18

The World Bank and its development partners have launched a $12m fund to help countries increase government transparency and boost public participation.

The fund will support the implementation of open government reforms, and inclusive and participatory dialogue and decision-making process.

The Open Government Partnership Multi-Donor Trust Fund will support governments and civil societies in countries and sub-nationals that participate in the Open Government Partnership to strengthen citizen engagement and government responsiveness, the World Bank said.

Debbie Wetzel, senior director of the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice, said: “The World Bank is supporting both governments and civil society in OGP to deliver country or locally led reforms to build knowledge, and create avenues and opportunities for open government and citizen engagement, and help build and maintain trust between citizens and the state.

“The MDTF is an instrument to leverage the bank’s technical specialists and in-country presence to support experimentation and innovative approaches to reform, participation, inclusion, and learning to move the needle on open government and citizen engagement.”

The fund is supported by the French development agency Agence Française de Développement, the UK Department for International Development and Global Affairs Canada.

It will deliver support to governments and civil society in line with the standards of the OGP and “incentivises robust performance by all partners”, the Washington-based organisation said.

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