Agricultural ministers make ‘breakthrough’ commitment to trade and environment

2 Aug 18

Agriculture ministers from the world’s major economies made “a breakthrough” during last week’s talks in Argentina, the German agriculture minister has said.

The G20 ministers also expressed concern about the increasing trend of protectionist measures around the world, during the meeting in Buenos Aires last week.

They confirmed agricultural policy in their countries would promote a multilateral trade system based on the rules of the World Trade Organization as well as climate change actions. 

The German minister Julia Klöckner said the meetings were a “huge breakthrough for agriculture, the climate and therefore consumers”.

She added that agriculture has to be more resilient and that protecting soils is an important issue, for the sake of the future generations.

The G20 ministers also agreed on various measures aimed at combining improved productivity with sustainability in agriculture.

According to the German federal government, 10 million hectares of land is lost worldwide each year due to erosion.

This is the action of surface processes that remove soil, rock or dissolved material from one location and transport it to another, due to wind or water flow.

She said: “What is important is that, in these difficult times, we were able to agree on common goals.

“Above all, I welcome the agreement reached on combating climate change and the bigger role which agriculture will have to play.”

The G20 countries, which make up 80% of global trade in agricultural goods, are also committed to sustainable land use, reducing food loss and waste, and fighting antimicrobial resistance in livestock farming.

The major economies represent 85% of global economic output and control 60% of global agricultural land.

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