UK pledges commitment to help Sudanese economy

13 Aug 18

The UK is committed to helping Sudan become a more stable economy with new humanitarian aid, a minister has announced.

Harriett Baldwin, UK’s minister for Africa, announced a new package of aid, which will provide essential supplies for around 700,000 Sudanese people facing food shortages.

It will also provide food and education support for 40,000 refugees in the country from South Sudan.

During her meeting with the government of Sudan, she stressed the importance of political and economic reforms.

She said: “I’m pleased to have seen how the UK can share its expertise to help Sudan achieve economic reform and build a pathway to future growth, as well as make progress on political freedoms and human rights.”

The country’s parliament passed an economic reform programme in 2014, which aims to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth through the expansion of agriculture and the exploitation of natural resources.

Oil, agriculture and livestock are essential to Sudan’s economic diversification. These sectors account for up to 35-40% of the country’s GDP.

The World Bank has said that with greater investment and better governance in these sectors this could be increased.

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