WHO calls on governments to donate to Syrian healthcare

20 Aug 18

The World Health Organization is appealing for countries worldwide to help Syria as healthcare services in the country are facing a $11m funding gap.

At least one million people in Northwest Syria are facing poor access to healthcare, safe water and sanitation, which makes them vulnerable to diseases.

Michel Thieren, WHO regional emergencies director, said: “If WHO does not receive additional funding, more than two million people caught in the cross-fire may have no access to essential health care services, including life-saving trauma care.

“As matters stand, over half of the country’s public health care facilities have been destroyed or forced to close after years of conflict.”

Many displaced persons are living in makeshift, overcrowded shelters with little access to healthcare and rates of malnutrition are likely to increase, the organisation said.

WHO will use the additional funding to support primary healthcare, childhood vaccinations and trauma services in the Northwest of Syria.

It will also be used to strengthen referral systems to ensure that those critically ill and wounded can be transferred to hospitals and to facilitate medical evacuations.

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