Airports plan grounds Greenland coalition

10 Sep 18

Greenland’s prime minister is looking to form a new coalition after a pro-independence party pulled out over a plan for Denmark to part-fund three new airports in the country.

The pro-independence Partii Naleraq said on Sunday it was quitting the coalition, leaving prime minister Kim Kielsen’s government without a parliamentary majority.

Partii Naleraq said in a letter that the funds for construction of the three airports would imply direct involvement by Denmark in Greenland’s politics and “we do not want to be part of that”.

The coalition was formed in May and the departure of the party leaves Kielsen with just 12 of the 31 seats in parliament.

Greenland’s government decides on most domestic matters but foreign and security policy is handled by Denmark. Greenland is self-ruling, but a part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

The Danish government has expressed concern over potential Chinese involvement in the airport project, as suggested by Greenland, saying it could upset the US, which is a close ally.

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