Imran Khan sells off Pakistan government’s buffaloes

28 Sep 18

Pakistan’s premier Imran Khan is putting his government’s eight buffaloes up for sale as part of his continued efforts to replenish the public coffers.

The animals were kept at the prime minister’s residence, where they reportedly provided milk for Nawaz Sharif, the former premier, and his family.

But, as part of his austerity drive, Khan has decided to sell them to raise an expected $19,000 in total.

Earlier this month the government auctioned off state-owned vehicles, which was said to have made $16bn for the public purse.

The Pakistani government is facing grave economic challenges as it struggles to keep the economy afloat.

Khan pledged to fight corruption and proclaimed a “New Pakistan” to bring change, after years of corruption within government, a lack of transparency and poor governance at all government levels.

The former prime minister was ousted for being “not honest”, as the Panama Papers revealed that Sharif and his children owned off-shore companies and assets, including London property.

Last month the NAB court sentenced Sharif to 10 years in prison and ordered him to pay a fine of $10.6m.

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