Call for public finance experts to help with CIPFA's international journal

30 Nov 18

CIPFA is looking for public finance practitioners to submit and review articles for its international journal Public Money & Management (PMM).

The reviewers will help to decide if submitted articles will be of interest to readers or need improving.

Contributors would supply articles between 1000-word debate and 2500-word on a range of topics, including gender budgeting and risk management.

The reviewers will “tell [the PMM team] honestly if submitted articles genuinely have potential value in the real world and if anything could be done to make the article more user friendly”, Michaela Lavender, PMM managing editor, said.

She added: “PMM’s themes are one of the ways that the journal brings the latest research and thinking to the people who can use it.

“Launched by CIPFA nearly 40 years ago, the journal has global coverage bringing researchers up to date with work internationally and ensuring that no-one wastes time and public money reinventing wheels.”

PMM is looking for articles on the 2020 theme of gender budgeting, by 30 November 2019, and risk management and management accounting in the public sector by 1 July 2019.

PMM is an academic and professional journal covering finance, policy and management issues in public services.  

The journal aims to publish content and ideas in an accessible and understandable way, for academics and professionals alike.  

If you have an idea for an article or would like to help review articles, please contact Michaela Lavender ([email protected]).

CIPFA members can access PMM for free through this link.  


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