Liberian electricity theft ‘inhibits energy investment’

6 Dec 18

People in Liberia are stealing over half the electricity generated annually diverting cash away from extending power supply, the state-owned power utility has said.

Theft happens by people making illegal connections to their homes and businesses.

About 60% of energy generated is diverted in this way resulting in annual losses of about $35m, Liberia Electricity Corporation officials told state radio.

They added that meant cash for expanding power supply was not available. Liberia wants to rebuild its power sector after it was destroyed during a civil war between 1989 and 2003.

Although the US has given financial aid to the country to increase connectivity, only 12% of Liberians have electricity, according to USAID.

Liberia’s government has set a target to roll out electricity to 70% of the capital Monrovia’s population by 2030. Currently, less than 20% of residents in the capital have electricity.


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