MPs to probe British SDG progress

14 Dec 18

The UK’s International Development Committee has launched an inquiry on the government's progress towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

The government is set to present its voluntary national review to the UN in July 2019, detailing its progress towards the SDGs since the adoption in 2015.

Leading up to this, the select committee said it wanted to explore how the Department for International Development and the government as a whole have “advanced the agenda overseas” since a 2016 IDC report last looked at the subject.

It is interested in hearing whether DfID should remain the lead department on UK SDG implementation and if its leadership has been effective, as well as the challenges it faces.

The IDC also wants to know whether the UK’s voluntary national review is “consultative and inclusive enough”, how progress could be improved and how effective the UK has been at supporting the SDG agenda overseas.

The deadline for written submissions is 1 February 2019.

The UK has committed to meeting the global goals domestically as well as helping other countries achieve them overseas.

The goals were adopted by 193 UN member countries, including the UK, in 2015. Countries can choose to present voluntary national reviews at the annual UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. Last year, 46 countries did this.

Read PF International’s feature on the world’s progress on achieving the SDGs here.

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