Poll reveals widespread dissatisfaction with Macron government

4 Jan 19

Three-quarters of French people are unhappy with the actions taken by president Emmanuel Macron and his government to boost household incomes, a poll has suggested.

Violent protests over the rising living costs and planned fuel tax hikes in France at the end of last year have put pressure on Macron’s presidency, forcing him to promise tax cuts and wage hikes in response. 

The government also scrapped its planned fuel tax hikes.

The poll, conducted by Odoxa and Dentsu Consulting for franceinfo and Le Figaro newspaper, found that only 25% of the 1,004 people surveyed were satisfied with the government’s action since Macron was elected in mid-2017.

The remaining 75% said they were unhappy with the government. This compares to 59% of people surveyed in April 2018.

The survey suggested the French people would like politicians to priorities measures to boost purchasing power.

Reducing unemployment, which has been the biggest worry of the public in previous surveys, was now the fourth most urgent concern.

Just over half (55%) of those surveyed said they thought the protests should carry on. Shortly after the movement erupted at the end of November, 66% thought it should continue.

The protests were sparked by the government’s plans to raise fuel taxes and general dissatisfaction with the government.

According to French police in December, at least three people died since the unrest started at the end of November and hundreds of people were arrested.

The French were already unhappy with the rising price of diesel, the most commonly used fuel in French cars. Diesel prices have risen by about 23% in the last year to the highest level since the early 2000s. 


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