Venezuela to receive aid amid ongoing unrest

20 Feb 19

Brazil and the US will deliver humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan border by the end of the week, a spokesperson from the Latin American country has said.

The move is in response to a request by Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaido, who declared himself as interim president in January.

The aid will include food and medicine, which will be distributed across the border from the northern Brazilian city of Boa Vista by Venezuelan trucks driven by Venezuelan citizens, the spokesperson said at a news conference.

Hyperinflation in Venezuela hit an all-time high of one million per cent at the end of last year, which resulted in economic collapse in the country and many people being unable to afford enough food.

The opposition vowed to bring humanitarian aid into Venezuela from neighbouring countries by 23 February after president Nicolas Maduro had denied that there were widespread food shortages.

Maduro has demanded military block the aid at the border but the opposition is hoping they will disobey.

The US and Brazilian governments have recognised Guaido as the legitimate interim leader until elections can be held.

The European Union announced an additional €5m in humanitarian aid to help vulnerable people in Venezuela as the country continues to suffer economic and political unrest, at the start of the month.

The UK has also donated £6.5m to deliver medicines and clean water to people affected by the crisis.

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