US could redirect education funding to border wall

22 Mar 19

The US defence department has proposed to pay for the wall on the Mexican border by shifting billions of dollars away from projects such as facilities for military children.

The Pentagon – the US Department of Defense – gave Congress a list on Monday that included $12.8bn of construction projects from which it said funds could be redirected.

About 10% – $1.2bn – of the listed projects relate to educational establishments, childcare and other facilities for military children, Reuters reported.

It included school buildings for the children of service members in places including Germany, Japan, Kentucky and Puerto Rico.

Of the $1.2bn in projects related to education, approximately $800m worth are far in the future and could be replaced later.

The Pentagon said just because a project was on the list “does not mean that the project [funding] will, in fact, be used” to build the border wall.

Earlier in March, president Donald Trump asked for $8.6bn in his 2020 budget request to pay for his promised wall on the US-Mexican border, to combat illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

It was declared dead on arrival by Democrats.

Trump has declared a national emergency to fund the wall without congressional approval, allowing his administration to use money from the military construction budget, if needed.

Democratic senators last week demanded they be provided with a list of military funds that could be used to fund the wall.

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