UN urges Moldova to invest in services and e-governance

27 Oct 20

Expanding basic services and increasing access will be crucial for Moldova during its recovery from the economic hit caused by Covid-19, the UN has said.



Chișinău, the capital city of Moldova

A plan drawn up in partnership with the UN Development Programme would see the Eastern European country change course after the crisis, with officials stressing the importance of finding a new direction for the developing economy.

“A return to the pre-Covid normalcy is neither possible nor desirable,” said UNDP resident representative for Moldova Dima al-Khatib.

“The linkages between health and the environment are clear, as is the need to bridge lessons learnt from this crisis to the climate crisis.

“Building forward better will require major investments in primary healthcare and education, expanded access to information and more inclusive social services, support for civil society and broader engagement with the private sector.”

Al-Khatib said this work must have a special focus on women, children, migrants, the elderly, the poor and other vulnerable groups.

Those groups would benefit disproportionately from more democratic, transparent and accountable governance, the UNDP said, adding that it is working with Moldovan authorities towards the digitisation of public and administrative services in order to educate citizens and allow them to become more directly involved in politics and public life.

“These e-tools enhance the transparency and accountability of public institutions, and provide better access to citizens to participate in decision-making, contribute to the development of people-centred services and ensure government transparency and efficiency,” said al-Khatib.

Moldova’s economy is set to contract by 6.7% this year, before recovering by just 0.2% in 2021, according to the World Bank.

Earlier this year, the government reached an agreement with the IMF on a series of institutional reforms aimed at enhancing fiscal transparency, anti-corruption, the rule of law and central bank independence.

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