Spain to pay young people to get them to move out of the family home

20 Jan 22

Young Spanish people will be paid €250 per month to help them move out of their parent’s homes amid a housing crisis that has left many unable to afford rent by themselves.


Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain. Image © Shutterstock

Housing minister Raquel Sánchez said the scheme, which will be open for low-income under-35s who will be eligible for two years’ assistance, is part of a wider housing policy that recognises housing as a constitutional right.

She said the government will spend €3.29bn on housing policies this year, compared to €475m in the previous budget.

“There is no ideology to hide behind when it comes to meeting the needs of citizens in vulnerable situations, to help young people who want to start their lives,” Sánchez told a press conference.

“Allocating resources to housing means allocating them to inclusion and equality.”

The Youth Rental Voucher can be paid on top of other benefits, the housing ministry said.

Recipients must have an income of no more than three times the Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator, a metric used in Spain as a reference for many public benefits, which currently sits at €564.90 per month.

Spain has one of the worst youth unemployment rates in the European Union according to Eurostat, with 35.1% of 20-to-24-year-olds being unemployed.

Sánchez said the government wants to approve the Law on the Right to Housing, which would establish decent housing as a legal right “to be exercised in affordable conditions, so that housing will no longer be a luxury good that can only be accessed by a few”.

In November, Spanish lawmakers passed the country’s highest-spending budget after the prime minister won the support he needed from minor parties.

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