Road to redemption?

24 Jan 20

In the wake of Italy’s worst roadbridge disaster, an emerging new structure symbolises much-needed professionalisation of the country’s infrastructure management

Upon the banks of the Polcevera River in Genoa, Italy, a structure is taking shape that will eventually form a state-of-the art roadbridge – designed for free by world-famous Italian architect Renzo Piano, creator of London’s Shard and The New York Times headquarters, and “built to last 1,000 years”. Renzo has described the emerging roadbridge as delivering “rebirth and redemption” to the area it sits above – following the collapse just over a year ago of the previous structure.

Resulting in the deaths of 43 people and massive displacement of local families and businesses – including 600 people being left homeless – the collapse of the original Ponte Morandi bridge in August 2018 was Italy’s worst-ever roadbridge disaster.


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