Sir Julian King to be given European Commission security portfolio

2 Aug 16

The UK’s candidate for its next European commissioner, Sir Julian King, will be given the security brief by European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, it was announced today.


Sir Julian King

Sir Julian King is a British diplomat and civil servant Photo: UK in Spain

The newly formed ‘security union’ portfolio was called for by Juncker in the wake of the terror attacks in Brussels in March this year to improve response co-ordination to terror attacks among European Unions member states.

King’s role is intended to complement the work of his fellow commissioners on transport, migration, rights and citizenship.  

He will also support implementation of the European Agenda on Security, which was adopted in April 2015. It aims to promote closer co-operation between member states on issues such as terrorism, cyber crime and organised crime.

King was nominated to the role of UK commissioner by former prime minister David Cameron, after Lord Hill resigned from the post in the immediate aftermath of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. 

Juncker will now inform the European Parliament of his decision. Final approval for King’s appointment to the commission will be made by the European Council.

King is a British diplomat and civil servant who has previously served as ambassador to Ireland and France and as director general of the Northern Ireland Office.


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