Macron’s party calls for inflation-linked pensions

11 Mar 19

The French government should link pension rises to inflation for the poorest citizens, the party led by president Emmanuel Macron has said.

Lawmakers from Marcon’s Le Republique en Marche party – or Republic on the Move – are this week presenting policy proposals to tweak the way pensions are calculated for the poorest. 

The move is an attempt to response to the wave of ‘yellow vest protests’ over high living costs in France, which have continue despite government pledges to increase wages and lower taxes

For 2019, the government had limited pensions rises to 0.3% - a humble hike after French consumer prices rose 1.8% on average last year and are expected to continue to rise. 

Party chief Stanislas Guerini told Le Parisien newspaper this weekend pension hikes for poorer citizens could be linked to inflation but did not specify how much this would cost the government. 

Protestors have kept up pressure for 17 consecutive weekends - although turnout this weekend was its lowest since the movement broke out in November last year, originally as a backlash against fuel tax hikes. 

An extra €10bn in support for low income workers and the abolishment of any fuel tax have not stopped people taking to the streets. 

The president is trying to please the protestors via a national policy debate, with a marathon on town hall-style consultations with local representatives due to wrap up next week. The LREM proposals feed into this debate. 

The party also suggested making rentals of cleaner car models available to low income households for under €50 a month, Guerini said. 

The now scrapped fuel tax hikes, which were Marcon’s bid to fight climate change, had especially hit people in rural areas who depend on their cars to get to work.        

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