CIPFA to launch UN training programme

15 Apr 20

CIPFA is to launch a financial management training programme in partnership with the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development.


Produce in Papua New Guinea

A trader selling wares in Papua New Guinea

The Achieving Project Excellence in Financial Management (APEX) programme has been developed to improve financial management practices among key finance staff of IFAD-funded projects, including the adoption of international accounting and reporting standards. It will support IFAD’s agricultural and rural development projects in developing nations.

CIPFA chief executive Rob Whiteman, said: “There’s a clear and direct correlation between good financial management, effective project management and achieving better project outcomes. At its core, the APEX training programme will pursue the objective to reduce the overall fiduciary risk of the IFAD portfolio and improve results for communities facing hunger and poverty at the local and regional levels.”

“CIPFA will deliver bespoke APEX courses, both in-person and via distance learning, to 250 key finance staff of IFAD-funded projects globally in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. The two-module courses will be administered over a period of three years. Locations for in-person training will include Senegal, Kenya, Panama, Istanbul and Vietnam.”

“Launch of the APEX training programme continues IFAD’s focus on promoting best practices in the financial management of all IFAD-funded projects. By providing tailored training and capacity building to key project finance staff across five continents”, said Alvaro Lario, associate vice-president of IFAD.

“APEX will help to increase efficiency in our projects while contributing to improving the livelihoods of the rural men and women our projects serve.”

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