CIPFA launches refreshed IPSAS qualifications

17 May 16

CIPFA has launched a renewed International Public Sector Accounting Standards training programme at a forum in Malaysia.

Gillian Fawcett, the institute's head of governments faculty told the Financial Reform for Economic Development in Asia Public Sector Forum in Kuala Lumpur today that CIPFA had “been a firm supporter of IPSAS since their inception, as they align closely with our own values of accountability and transparency in the public services”.

The institute had contributed to the standards' development and the new online training programmes were designed to help both specialists and non-specialists to understand and apply IPSAS  to their own requirements, she told delegates.

“Governments around the world are adopting IPSAS because they lead to better governance, planning and a more reliable base for audit. Bringing countries into line with proper accounting standards will offer more accurate picture of national finances, which can help bring stability to international markets,” she said.

“Of course, implementing a new set of standards at a national level is a lot easier said than done.  CIPFA’s IPSAS qualification is designed to give public finance professionals the skills they’ll need to implement the standards successfully.”

Fawcett described CIPFA’s original IPSAS qualification as having been “an amazing success”. This had now been refreshed and broadened to “reflect the diverse nature of individuals who need credible knowledge and skills in understanding, deploying and maintaining the standards”.

Two qualifications are available. The certificate (Cert IPSAS) provides foundational knowledge of the standards, while the diploma (Dip IPSAS) deepens this knowledge applies the standards to accounting practices within public sector organisations. Both replace the ealier IPSAS certificate.

A course in cash IPSAS will also soon be available.

“CIPFA has been at the very heart of the development of the standards, is clearly focused in its support for the public services, and was the first body to create a specific, internationally recognised qualification for IPSAS,” Fawcett said.

“No other organisation can claim these kind of credentials.”

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