• World Bank president Jim Yong Kim in Delhi. Photo: Enrico Fabian / World Bank
    10 Aug 16
    The World Bank has renewed its lending criteria, ditching or diluting some standards and adding new ones in. Does this bring the bank into the 21st century or mean it has walked away from its role as...
  • 17 May 16
    With the lifting of international sanctions, there are many potential benefits for Iran’s economy. However, the country’s leaders also face new fiscal challenges in the years ahead
  • Stephen Twigg MP
    24 Feb 16
    Securing genuine results from aid spending is vital at a time of extraordinary demand, says Labour MP Stephen Twigg, chair of the International Development Select Committee
  • EU flag - image: iStock
    23 Feb 16
    The EU’s Court of Auditors recognises change is in the air with crises over the euro, migration and Brexit. So it is considering a “wholly new approach” to financial management
  • African Union tank
    10 Feb 16
    This year marks the 15th anniversary of the founding of the African Union. Adopted in May 2001 and launched a year later, it replaced the Organization for African Unity and intends to unify the...
  • Flood in Thailand
    18 Jan 16
    Behind the triumph of the COP21 agreement, developed and developing nations have very different ideas about how much money is flowing from the former to the latter to deal with climate change.
  • Crossing borders
    20 Nov 15
    The rich have long made the most of cross-border tax avoidance. Developing countries are hit hardest by this practice, but may benefit the least from efforts to tackle it
  • Anti-corruption march in Cape Town - image: Miram Mannak
    30 Oct 15
    Citizens have taken to the streets in South Africa to protest against corruption. Whilst there are reasons to be concerned, experts stress that it is not all doom and gloom
  • seoul
    22 Oct 15
    The Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA) is holding its 19th conference in Seoul, South Korea, from 27 to 29 October. Conference chair In-Ki Joo, shares his ambitions for the event...
  • Joe Cosma, Government & Infrastructure Advisory Leader, EY Africa
    19 Oct 15
    Experts from global advisory firm EY provide insights into the issues raised at the 2015 MEFMI Combined Forum, focusing on the economic challenges of managing natural resources in Africa
  • Detroit - picture: iStock
    14 Oct 15
    When Detroit filed for bankruptcy in 2013, it wasn’t the first time the city faced ruin. So how were its public finances restructured, and what can other cities learn from its experience?...
  • Ekaterina Gratcheva
    14 Oct 15
    Ekaterina Gratcheva, Lead Financial Officer at the World Bank’s Treasury, discusses the prospects for sub-Saharan countries over the next few years. 
  • Euro banknotes - Photo: iStock
    11 Oct 15
    The sovereign debt crisis has not gone away. And, as markets become more turbulent, only reform of global financial governance will cast light on governments’ true performance
  • Martin Dlamini
    9 Oct 15
    Martin Dlamini, Swaziland's Minister of Finance and a speaker at the 2015 MEFMI Forum in Lima, Peru, comments on the financial management challenges faced by developing nations in using the...
  • Claver Gatete, Rwanda’s Minister of Finance and Economic Planning
    9 Oct 15
    Claver Gatete, Rwanda’s Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, comments on topics raised at the 2015 MEFMI Forum, including the challenges faced by developing nations when it comes to...
  • Dr Caleb Fundanga
    9 Oct 15
    Dr Caleb Fundanga, Executive Director of MEFMI (Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa) provides an overview of the 2015 MEFMI Forum held in Lima, Peru, which...
  • Refugee
    7 Oct 15
    The vast humanitarian crisis unfolding on the EU’s doorstep highlights the importance of scrutinising international aid spending much more closely
  • Shanghai
    7 Oct 15
    Cities power the world economy. They have become the engines of growth. This once seemed the ultimate urban cliché. Now it has the ring of truth.
  • 1 Oct 15
    African countries urgently need to expand the revenue they raise from taxes. How can this be done in a sustainable way, without reliance on depleting natural resources?
  • Director General Arunma Oteh
    1 Oct 15
    Arunma Oteh, new vice president and treasurer at the World Bank, talks exclusively to PFI about thinking big on global development goals, ending poverty and her ambitions for the job
  • Electricity pylons in South Africa
    1 Oct 15
    Critics say plans to end South Africa’s energy crisis by spending billions on nuclear power are being hatched in the dark
  • Ian Carruthers
    30 Sep 15
    Ian Carruthers takes the helm at the Toronto-based IPSASB in the new year. He’s got big plans for raising public financial management standards worldwide
  • Train
    24 Aug 15
    The EPSAS train has pulled out of the station. But how long before it reaches the destination of harmonised public sector accounting standards across 28 EU member states?
  • Euro banknotes - Photo: iStock
    5 Aug 15
    Can the adoption of international accounting standards change the world’s view of Greek debt?
  • Fayez Choudhury at the CIPFA International Seminar
    20 Jul 15
    IFAC’s Fayez Choudhury on the Accountability Now campaign, speaking at the CIPFA International Seminar in London on 7 July 2015.