Border disorder

24 Jan 20

Donald Trump’s pressure on Mexico to host asylum-seekers after his ‘expedited removal’ of 300,000 immigrants has dashed the country’s hopes of developing a progressive migration policy.

The need to do more with less always tests austerity policies – but in Mexico this conundrum has been exacerbated by a populist reflex towards migration north of the border.

Central American migrants heading for the US have forced left-of-centre president Andrés Manuel López Obrador into rolling back a pledge to slash spending after years of government waste.

Buckling under pressure to follow Donald Trump’s anti-migrant agenda, Mexico’s experience exemplifies how fiscal discipline – and progressive aspirations – can fall prey to politics.


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  • Gavin O'Toole, expert on Latin America
    Gavin O'Toole

    A freelance journalist. He has written six books about Latin America and taught the politics of the region at Queen Mary, University of London.

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